NichePage – Writing Platform Focused on Shopping

Nichepage is similar to Squidoo, Hubpages, and Zujava in that it is a platform which allows you to write online and earn money from your pages. Where it differs from these sites is that it is completely focused on shopping. There are no adds on any “niche” (the name of a page similar to lens or leaf) other than amazon products. You may think that this lowers the amount of revenue streams, but their goal is not to use many different revenue streams, per page, and see which ones stick. They are looking to become a site that significantly adds value to shopping online which benefits the writers and the shoppers together.

Benefits of NichePage

Why use NichePage rather than other sites

The biggest benefit of NichePage is that the pages are extremely tailored to increasing a shoppers experience on the site. Although pages are created by different users, each page maintains the same structure, allowing shoppers to easily get the information they need to make a purchase. This familiar and effective design increases the conversion rate for your page. It also makes it easier for shoppers to learn from NichePage. In today’s society, people have extremely short attention spans so a familiar structure for every page keeps people from turning away.

This structured layout for every “niche” will also help people who want to share their knowledge about products but are not the best at writing or communicating. Their goal is to one day not only attract online writers to create “niches” but anybody who has a passion about a certain line of products and wants to share their knowledge with others.

Flagship Niche

Results from my first niche

Once they developed the site I created a “niche” to test the site. I decided to go with “Best blenders for smoothies” Link to Niche . It is a pretty targeted niche and I was able to attract visitors to the page by posting on forums and pages where people were looking for information on blenders for smoothies. The results of this relatively simple niche were both positive and lasting. Check out the earnings reports for this one niche alone. Image below shows a 1 month earnings report for the month of August 2013. Next image shows the earnings from this one niche over the course of a year, to show that the niche can result in lasting earnings. The final image shows the conversion rate for this niche.

Snapshots from Amazon Reports for Earnings

NichePage provided these snapshots for me
month smallest

Earnings over the course of 1 month

real year changed

Earnings over the course of 1 year

conv rate changed

Conversion rate

Obstacles for NichePage

The team at NichePage are all working full-time at Engineering Firms, Web Development Firms, and the Government. Things would be a lot easier for them if they could focus full time on developing new features for the site and having more time to market it. If you like the idea of NichePage and feel you may be able to share the site with people that may be interested in creating a “niche” then send them a link of how you shared NichePage with others at and NichePage will reward you by allowing you to keep 100% of the earnings for all your niches until April 2015. In which case you will then return to the usual 60/40 split where 60% of the earnings go to you! Just share this article or write your own article/post/status/tweet and email them a link along with your NichePage username. 

Getting traffic to the site and branching out to writers to create “niches” has also been a major obstacle for NichePage. They’re hoping that by sharing the success of a “niche” they will be able to persuade others to give it a shot as well. I am far from a good writer/blogger and I know if I can do it others can too. As far as getting traffic to your niche, for now, the best way to drive traffic is posting on forums/comments relevant to your niche or reaching out on social media. There is some organic traffic from search engines but until NichePage gains more content and authority I do not intend to rely on Google.

Say Hi

NichePage is very quick to get back to anyone who reaches out to them! Create a “niche” and let them know how your experience was. Or let them know what’s holding you back from starting. You can reach the team at